About Mackenzie Jones Designs

      Megan [Mackenzie Jones] Locken was born an artist. There was never a doubt, even from a young age, that she would imagine her own life and follow her creative spirit.  That fiery spirit led her to attend the Alberta College of Art + Design and major in Jewellery + Metals where she graduated int 2010 with honours.  

       Through the encouragement and belief of those around her she took a leap of faith and founded Mackenzie Jones Designs Inc in 2012.  Megan forged her own path and created a place for herself in the bustling marketplace of Canadian craft. With the support of her husband, friends and family, she has expanded her business nationally from Vancouver to St. Johns.

      Her wandering spirit has led to extensive cross-country travels exploring every landscape that our nation has to offer and has allowed Megan to exhibit her work across Canada.